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Cobalt Blue Essential Oil Bottles

Essential oil cobalt blue glass bottles in various sizes & lids are ideal containers for your essential oils, carrier oils and base products. Pirlo is aromatherapy bottle supplier from China,we offer you quality boston round essential oil bottles at competitive price.

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Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

Specification :

JY625-9 : 100ML/3.3oz  Diameter 45mm Height 112mm

 JY625-10 : 50ML/1.7oz  Diameter 37mm Height  92mm

 JY625-11 : 30ML/1.0oz  Diameter 33mm Height 78.5mm

JY625-12 : 20ML/0.66oz Diameter 28.5mm Height 71mm

JY625-13 : 15ML/0.50oz Diameter 28.5mm Height 65mm

JY625-14 : 10ML/0.33oz Diameter 25mm Height 58mm 

JY625-15 :   5ML/0.17oz Diameter 22mm Height 50mm