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Clear Essential Oil Bottles

Exporter of a comprehensive range of essential oil bottles in China. In order to store the essential oil for a longer time, blue and amber bottle is recommended. If you wish to use a clear glass bottle to store the essential oil, then care must be taken that the bottle is not exposed to sunlight and the place of storage is dry and a cool one.

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Clear Glass Essential Oil Bottles 

Specification :

 JY625-38 : 100ML/3.3oz  Diameter 45mm Height 112mm

 JY625-39 : 50ML/1.7oz  Diameter 37mm Height  92mm

 JY625-40 : 30ML/1.0oz  Diameter 33mm Height 78.5mm

JY625-41 : 20ML/0.66oz Diameter 28.5mm Height 71mm

JY625-42 : 15ML/0.50oz Diameter 28.5mm Height 65mm

JY625-43 : 10ML/0.33oz Diameter 25mm Height 58mm 

JY625-44 :   5ML/0.17oz Diameter 22mm Height 50mm