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Glass Jars

Glass Jar with metallic cap is ideal container for packing cream,body care product and so on. Silver aluminum cap or plastic cap availabe . Pirlo offers a series of glass jars 10g,20g,25g,30g,50g,100g with different closures for your selection .

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Glass Jars series

Specifications :

GS5444-1 : 25G/0.83oz Diameter 52mm Height 36mm 

GS5444-2 : 30G/1.00oz Diameter 57mm Height 41mm

GS5444-3 : 35G/1.16oz Diameter 52mm Height 41mm

GS5444-4 : 50G/1.7oz  Diameter 56mm Height 43.5mm

GS5444-5 : 50G/1.7oz  Diameter 52mm Height  50mm