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8ml Glass Roll-On Bottle

Our glass roll-on bottles have a plastic roll on ball and housing.  As the ball rolls it picks up the perfume or essential oil and applies it to the surface.  The caps of roll on bottles have a special ring on  the inner side.  This ring presses on the ball when the cap is tightly shut.  The pressure on the ball prevents leakage of the product .

More details

The 8ml glass roll-on bottles are offered with a white, black, gold, silver or copper colored cap.  The white and black caps are made from phenolic, a type of plastic material,   which gives them a hard and nice feel.  The gold and silver caps are either metallized or metal shell caps.  The copper colored ones are metallized caps.  The 8ml bottles are available in clear plain glass, frosted glass, swirl design glass and swirl frosted glass. For more information , please feel free to contact us .

10ML on sale .