Child Resistant Plastic Jars,Black White Clear Plastic PET Jars With CR Lids Caps

2oz/3oz/4oz/5oz Clear & Opaque White & Opaque Black Child Resistant Plastic Jars With Lids


Plastic Jars, Plastic PET Jars w/ Child Resistant Caps sizes available from 2oz / 3oz / 4oz to 5oz , available colors includes clear,frosted white, opaque white,opaque black. Ideal packaging bottles for pill,medicine,herb, and more.

2oz , Dia. 60mm x H 40mm , Overall Height 46mm

3oz , Dia. 60mm x H 54mm , Overall Height 59mm

3oz , Dia. 55mm x H 63mm , Overall Height 68mm

4oz , Dia. 60mm x H 66mm , Overall Height 71mm

5oz , Dia. 60mm x H 89mm , Overall Height 94mm


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